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(Made With German Technology)

Tape in curtain uses is to make its fall better and beautiful. Also the fall remains same after washings so please read  the comparison between Polyester (Indian Tape) and New Indian Tape (German technology).

Strength: Compared to Polyester Tape, New Indian Tape has double strength, more  hard, more white & in Jacquard design .

Washing Results:  To see the difference of polyester (tiranga) tape & NEW INDIAN TAPE after washing  please Boil both the tapes separately for 1-2 hours. Result will be in front of you which tape will be better after washing Polyester Tape manufactures uses less yarn  while making of tapes & putt  artificial starch (mandi) to make tape  hard  which becomes soft after 3-4 wash of curtain , as a result the rings(eyelets)  get separated & curtain became damaged  Whereas New Indian Tape remains  same strong & same hard  as even after 25-30 wash.

We request  you to make 4 curtain from damage fabrics & make  2 curtains  with New Indian Tape & 2 curtains with Polyester Tape. &  give all four  curtains to Dhobi( washer man ) for washing & tell him to wash it for 10 times & after dhobi washing wash again the curtain in washing machine for 10 times. Results of wash will prove which tape is better. New Indian Tape have  5 year guarantee, If the curtain will be damage  because of the new Indian tape then 10 times cost of curtain will be paid.

Hole Size: If you will insert finger  into the hole of Polyester Tape and rotate for 5-6 times the hole becomes bigger & will be expended and stitched threads will come out. Further the curtain with Polyester Tape when moved on the rod from 10-15 times the hole gets bigger and rings(eyelet) come out from the curtain & curtain became damage but in new Indian tape the holes are non expendable, the rings will not be separated, neither the hole size becomes bigger  nor the stitched threads will come out till 5 years. The curtain will not be damage with New Indian Tape

Tape length: NEW INDIAN TAPE one roll is full 50 meters in length &  can  make 42 curtains from one roll  whereas from polyester tape can't make more than 38 curtains.  extra 4 curtains saving is big in a year.

Price & GST:  The cost price of New Indian Tape is less and GST credit input is more so profit is from both ends which reduces the cost of curtain whereas the  cost of Polyester Tape is more and GST credit input is less. In this competitive time smart businessmen thinks  how to reduce cost and can maintain quality, New Indian Tape Roll is 100 to 150 Rs. cheap and thus reduces the cost of curtain from 2Rs. to 5 Rs. in one curtain, you can calculate how much can save in month & how much in a year New Indian Tape is manufactured in latest high speed German technology machine, USA, Japan, Germany, Canada advanced countries are also using same New Indian curtain belt in making of curtains 

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